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2016-02-08RoboticsComparison of Motor Controllers 
2016-02-07RoboticsDifferential Steering of Robots 
2016-02-04Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop Open Source CodeSource v1.7.5 available
2016-02-02RoboticsControl your Raspberry Pi remotely 
2016-02-01RoboticsRobotics and Electronics Tutorials 
2015-12-23Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - OptionsAdded new options
2015-12-23JPEGsnoop - Version HistoryNew
2015-11-29Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - Interesting UsesAdded PSD decode
2015-11-29Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding UtilityRelease 1.7.5
2011-04-11Digital PhotographyDo-it-Yourself Offsite BackupUpdated dynamic IP section.


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2016-02-06Hi-fat Anabolic Diet
Hi all I started the anabolic diet around 5 weeks ...
2016-02-01Photoshop Save As vs Save for Web
i have to save lots of images in save for web , ...
2016-01-31JPEG Huffman Coding Tutorial
Please if anyone can help me with the code of ...
2016-01-28How to set up your Backup Software
Hello Calvin, What software do you use for ...
2016-01-20JPEG Color space conversion
1) Assuming we have a 16-bit image, would the ...
2016-01-16Periodization Bench Routine
You will not get the strength if you do each ...
2016-01-16JPEGsnoop Open Source Code
Hi! I like JPEGsnoop, I use it sometimes to ...
2016-01-13JPEGsnoop - Identify Edited Photos
using an App called Uproov that takes a video or ...
2016-01-06How many megapixels?
I have a canonpowershotS95 can I shoot high ...
2016-01-03A week in the Amazon Jungle, Peru
I will try to reside in Amazon. Who has interest ...



Digital Photography

Everything you need to know about digital photography. Articles on digital photography workflow, JPEG compression, file naming strategies, photo cataloging software (digital asset management), photo software reviews, equipment reviews and archiving the digital photos on CD or DVD.

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Robotics & Electronics Tutorials

Articles and tutorials covering robotics and related electronics projects.

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The Iron Dungeon - Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and Weight Training articles on a wide range of topics including exercises, nutrition, supplements and humor!

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Freediving / Apnea

Ever wondered what it's like to do breath-hold diving, swimming 100ft in a breath of air, or holding your breath for six minutes?

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Photo Gallery

A photo gallery focusing on portraits / fashion, and travels around the world, experiencing different cultures.

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