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2017-06-27Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop Open Source CodeSource v1.8.0 now avail
2017-06-27JPEGsnoop - Version HistoryNew
2017-06-27Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding UtilityRelease 1.8.0
2017-06-17RoboticsC2Bot Robot Project 
2017-05-08RoboticsTouchscreen GUI for Raspberry Pi & ArduinoUpdated release
2017-01-05RoboticsArduino touchscreen GUI 
2016-10-03RoboticsCheap LIDAR for Robots - Neato XV11 
2016-09-23RoboticsInstalling PiTFT on Raspberry PiExtensive updates
2016-09-23RoboticsInstalling tslib on Raspberry PiExtensive updates
2016-09-23RoboticsInstalling SDL on Raspberry PiExtensive updates


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2020-02-17Touchscreen GUI for Raspberry Pi & Arduino
Hello, I'm trying to get GUI Slice to work with ...
2020-01-15EXIF Orientation and Rotation
"Unless the camera were to encode the image right-...
2019-12-16Designing a JPEG Decoder
Calvin Thanks very much for putting together this ...
2019-11-04Digital Photography Articles
Like most of us I would like to avoid wrong ...
2019-10-17Comparison of Motor Controllers
Thanks for the motor controller comparison table. ...
2019-10-02JPEGsnoop - Version History
I used this to extract the imagaes embedded in ....
2019-09-23Differential Steering of Robots
Hi, I have used your code to write a library for ...
2019-09-10Robotics and Electronics Tutorials
Hoping to expand capabilities of instruments in ...
2019-09-02JPEG Compression Quantization Tables
Hi! How you define this quantization tables for ...
2019-08-31Differential Steering of Robots
I'm Developing a robot using the ESP32 and ...



Digital Photography

Everything you need to know about digital photography. Articles on digital photography workflow, JPEG compression, file naming strategies, photo cataloging software (digital asset management), photo software reviews, equipment reviews and archiving the digital photos on CD or DVD.

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Robotics & Electronics Tutorials

Articles and tutorials covering robotics and related electronics projects.

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The Iron Dungeon - Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and Weight Training articles on a wide range of topics including exercises, nutrition, supplements and humor!

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Freediving / Apnea

Ever wondered what it's like to do breath-hold diving, swimming 100ft in a breath of air, or holding your breath for six minutes?

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Photo Gallery

A photo gallery focusing on portraits / fashion, and travels around the world, experiencing different cultures.

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Travel & Adventure Stories

Stories from travels around the world.

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