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This section includes a number of articles and tutorials from various experiments in electronics and robotics.

Most of the projects are based upon the Raspberry Pi, Arduino or AVR microcontrollers. The focus is on exploring concepts in autonomous robot operation, indoor positioning / odometry, computer robot vision, telemetry and plain old fun electronics!


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Embedded C GUI for Raspberry Pi

Check out GUIslice embedded C GUI (open source)

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2018-11-17ATtiny SPI slave code
pinMode(PIN_MISO, INPUT); none of these are ...
2018-09-18Touchscreen GUI for Raspberry Pi & Arduino
Hi,Calvin: Thank you for creating this nice ...
2018-05-30Cheap LIDAR for Robots - Neato XV11
can you share the vc++ code
2018-05-29Robotics and Electronics Tutorials
Hi Calvin, Do you have any plans to auto-charge ...
2018-03-23Arduino touchscreen GUI
GUIslice is a great library - Thank you! I ma ...
2018-01-02Differential Steering of Robots
Thank you for this article, really helped a lot!
2017-11-24Touchscreen GUI for Raspberry Pi & Arduino
Calvin: Any plans to support the additional fonts ...
2017-11-08Differential Steering of Robots
This is a really useful webpage, which has saved ...
2017-11-02Differential Steering of Robots
Ya'll should look up bilinear interpolation.
2017-10-18Differential Steering of Robots
I've developed an algorithm that calculates the ...
2017-09-22SPI slave data corruption
If you take a look at typical SPI transfer ...
2017-07-12SPI slave data corruption
Hi Calvin, What a great series of articles! I'm ...
2017-06-13Differential Steering of Robots
i'm developing a robot that turns as soon as it ...
2017-04-14SPI slave data corruption
This is very close to exactly what i need - i ...
2017-03-31C2Bot Robot Project
Hi, So we actually fixed the bug if you are ...
2017-03-22Differential Steering of Robots
Dear Calvin, Thank you for the write up. I am ...
2017-03-21C2Bot Robot Project
I am using a similar setup for a senior design ...
2017-02-14Touchscreen GUI for Raspberry Pi & Arduino
I have tried to install SDL on Beaglebone Black. ...
2016-12-27Touchscreen GUI for Raspberry Pi & Arduino
Hi, i am interesting your microSDL library. ...
2016-12-15GPS SPI with ATtiny
First of all, great job. I'm working in the final ...

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4WD Rover




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LCD / TFT Displays

Graphics library for TFT displays


Robot Communications

How to wirelessly communicate and control your robot...



How to connect up Raspberry Pi, Arduino / AVR / ATtiny microcontrollers together...


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Miscellaneous articles on Robotics or Raspberry Pi...




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 Hi Calvin,

Do you have any plans to auto-charge your C2Bot. I'm building a similar rover mainly for watchdog in the house and want rover to go to docking station and re-charge itself. I would like to hear your ideas on this feature.

Very good informative site, thank you for sharing all these.
 Thanks Erkan! I have not attempted auto-charging for C2Bot since I am using NiMH batteries with Tamiya connectors. Although it seems like an alternative connector arrangement could support a docking station concept, I suspect the extra development wouldn't be warranted in my particular case (since C2Bot is not a "daily driver" :) I'd be interested in hearing if you find a way of making such a system work for your rover.
2016-06-28Glenn Kukkee
 Hi Calvin,
I'm loving your website. Thanks for putting it together!

Your cousin put me in touch with you; I'm working on a neat project that I'm hoping you might collaborate on.

I'm fascinated that this generation will see the colonization of Mars. I'm doing an expo that will travel to schools and burning Man festival to spread the word-and the thoughts that will make this move into space more ethical.

The Burning Man version, at will be the adult-ed version. A made-for-kids version will travel to schools around the lower mainland.

-I'm making some robotics to make it come alive but I'm not sure I can get the major project, a telepresence robot to bring people to Burning Man, up in time.
- happy to include any projects you might think would be useful

Looking forward to connecting!
 Great idea! Private message sent.


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