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The Best of Freediving Tips

The following tips and articles were extracted from various posts to DeeperBlue and individual contributions. If you would like to contribute any material to a topic, please submit it or a link at the bottom of the page. Note, several sections are under development and should be online soon.


  • Equalization
    • Mouthfill technique
    • Hands-free equalization
  • Statics
    • Static relaxation
    • CO2 compartment hypothesis
  • Depth Effects
    • Residual volume measurement
  • Safety
    • Blackout Avoidance: ATRC test
    • Counter-weight systems
  • Swimming
    • Monofin techniques
    • Dolphin swimming
  • Miscellaneous
    • How to make air-rings
    • Peeing in wetsuits


  • General
    • Beginner Gear Suggestions
    • Freediving fins vs Spearfishing fins
    • Fin Sizing
    • Do-it-yourself soft weight harness
    • Do-it-yourself fluid goggles
  • SpareAir
  • PowerLung
  • Noseclips
  • Bi-fins
    • WaterWay
    • Stephane Misfud's C4s
  • Monofins
  • Miscellaneous
    • Travel
      • Tropical freediving destinations
    • Links

    Stories & Experiences

    • Entanglement


    • Lung Squeeze


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    2008-11-20Peter Kehl
     Thank you for your freediving tips/notes. It's a good resource of information.


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