Remote Control Helicopters

I recently became interested in R/C Helis. I love the challenge of learning a new skill. This page shares my training journal and videos, so others can see my learning experiences and mistakes along the way!


NOTE: This section is new and will undergo significant development soon!

Various Articles and Training Journal

The following articles were written over the course of my experiences trying to learn to fly an RC Heli on a touchy 3D-capable model. Articles are listed from most recent to oldest.

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2015-11-22First Big Flight and Video
When I first tried this Z008 4-CH Mini Infrared ...
2015-04-24Flying Outside
i am trying to find a rnlapcemeet 3 channel ...
2015-03-05First Big Flight and Video
My Z008 flew perfectly out of the box. I was ...
2014-04-11Sudden Drops and Glitches
The tip about the gear just saved me a trip to ...
2012-10-13RC Helicopter
Hey, I have the syma s107g. Problems started ...
2012-08-01Main Rotor Blade Tracking
i was a door gunner in vietnam and would watch ...
2011-01-19Beginner’s Guide to RC Helis
Thanks! very informative article
2011-01-08Beginner’s Guide to RC Helis
Great article! Thanks so much!
2010-09-14Main Rotor Blade Tracking
This is how i track blades. I took a 1/2 " dowel ...
2009-11-04First Big Flight and Video
2008-04-22First Big Flight and Video
Cool site, love the workout info being a near ...
My E-Flite Blade CP Pro with Training Gear




RC Heli Videos

The following is a collection of interesting videos I've seen with RC Helicopters. Includes footage of E-Flite Blade helis, 3D aerobatic flight and other tricks.



Articles about Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries, charging and the related dangers.


Repairs & Modifications

Popular repairs and modifications done to Blade CP Pro helis.



Simulators will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs! Not only can you master some of the basics of controller orientation, but you also have an opportunity to learn and try advanced techniques without fear of crashing your heli.


Training Resources

Online guides to help get you flying your helicopter.




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 Hey, I have the syma s107g. Problems started after I cerhgad heli and put new battiers in transmitter.the thing will fly great for about 1 or 2 minutes then just drop to the floor. start right back up for 1 or 2 minutes´╗┐ then drop to the floor again.seems like it is loosing the signal from the transmitter.I bought a second s107g because I wanted to see if it was just a fluke on the first one.the second s107g did the same as the first.can anyone give me an idea as to what might be happening.


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