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2017-06-27Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop Open Source CodeSource v1.8.0 now avail
2017-06-27JPEGsnoop - Version HistoryNew
2017-06-27Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding UtilityRelease 1.8.0
2017-06-17RoboticsC2Bot Robot Project 
2017-05-08RoboticsTouchscreen GUI for Raspberry Pi & ArduinoUpdated release
2017-01-05RoboticsArduino touchscreen GUI 
2016-10-03RoboticsCheap LIDAR for Robots - Neato XV11 
2016-09-23RoboticsInstalling PiTFT on Raspberry PiExtensive updates
2016-09-23RoboticsInstalling tslib on Raspberry PiExtensive updates
2016-09-23RoboticsInstalling SDL on Raspberry PiExtensive updates
2016-08-24RoboticsComparison of Robotic Kits 
2016-08-13RoboticsRobot Telemetry Controller with Touchscreen 
2016-08-12RoboticsComparison of Robot Remote Controls 
2016-05-27RoboticsGPS SPI with ATtiny 
2016-05-21RoboticsSPI slave data corruption 
2016-05-21RoboticsATtiny SPI slave code 
2016-05-17RoboticsDifferential Steering of RobotsUpdated algorithm
2016-05-05RoboticsConvert RC Receiver to SPI with ATtiny 
2016-05-04RoboticsConnecting Raspberry Pi to ATtiny 
2016-03-17RoboticsDetecting 9X transmitter loss 
2016-02-15RoboticsPreventing Runaway Robots 
2016-02-08RoboticsComparison of Motor Controllers 
2016-02-02RoboticsControl your Raspberry Pi remotely 
2016-02-01RoboticsRobotics and Electronics Tutorials 
2015-12-23Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - OptionsAdded new options
2015-11-29Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - Interesting UsesAdded PSD decode
2011-04-11Digital PhotographyDo-it-Yourself Offsite BackupUpdated dynamic IP section.
2011-04-01Digital PhotographyEXIF Orientation and RotationUpdated diagrams
2010-05-27Iron DungeonAdding Pushups to your Chest RoutineNew!
2010-02-07Digital PhotographyUndelete your Photos! 
2009-03-27Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - Identify Edited Photos 
2008-07-22Digital PhotographyIndia Photo Gallery - Updates!Hampi, Varanasi, Jaipur, etc.
2008-05-03Digital PhotographyRights Managed vs Royalty Free Stock Photos 
2008-04-15Web404 Errors, Hackers and LoggingNew
2008-04-15WebComment Spam - Analysis and PreventionNew
2008-04-13Iron DungeonIronDungeon - Steve Rohn Workout PlanNew article
2008-04-13Iron DungeonHi-fat Anabolic Diet 
2008-04-06Digital PhotographyComparison of Photo Catalog SoftwareUpdated
2008-01-25RC HeliFlying High Overhead 
2008-01-19RC HeliMain Rotor Blade Tracking 
2008-01-15RC HeliBeginner’s Guide to RC Helis 
2008-01-14RC HeliRC Helicopter 
2008-01-13RC HeliFirst Big Flight and Video 
2008-01-11RC HeliSudden Drops and Glitches 
2008-01-10RC HeliTail-in & Side-in Hover 
2008-01-09RC HeliFlying Outside 
2007-12-31RC HeliGetting Started in RC Heli 
2007-12-15Digital PhotographyFix Corrupt JPEG Photos!Added Tips
2007-12-03Digital PhotographyJPEG Huffman Coding TutorialAdded JPEGsnoop examples
2007-10-24Digital PhotographyHow to Improve your Scanner JPEG Quality!New article
2007-09-15Digital PhotographyPhoto Gallery: Burning Man 2007First photos online... more to come
2007-08-17Digital PhotographyBurning Man 2007 
2007-07-22Digital PhotographyVersioning in IMatch - Manage Versions 2.3.4New Release 2.3.4
2007-07-20Digital PhotographyPhoto Gallery: Graffiti CompetitionNew gallery online
2007-06-14Digital PhotographyFile Renaming UtilitiesNew
2007-05-10Digital PhotographyVariable JPEG CompressionSony DSC-H9 details
2007-05-05Digital PhotographyDesigning a JPEG DecoderAdded details for chroma subsampling
2007-04-18Digital PhotographyPhoto Gallery: CambodiaNew gallery
2007-03-25Digital PhotographyTravel in CambodiaLatest update: Galleries
2007-02-01Digital PhotographyResaving JPEG in PhotoshopHow to reduce resaving error
2007-01-05Quantization Table Lookup 
2007-01-05Digital PhotographyComparison JPEG compression qualityAdded Nikon D40, etc.
2007-01-05Digital PhotographyJPEG Compression Quantization TablesAdded more cameras
2006-12-29Digital PhotographyWhat is an Optimized JPEG?New
2006-12-20Digital PhotographyReview: Backup NOW! Deluxe 3New
2006-12-20Digital PhotographyReview: DirSync 3New.
2006-12-20Digital PhotographyDigicams and Lossless RotationUpdated sections.
2006-12-14FreedivingFreediving World RecordsUpdated: 9 min 4 sec!
2006-11-24Digital PhotographyReview: Second Copy 7New Review.
2006-11-24Digital PhotographyReview: Genie Backup Manager Pro 7New Review.
2006-11-24Digital PhotographyComparison of Backup SoftwareUpdated
2006-11-15Digital PhotographyIncremental Backup MethodsNew
2006-11-07Digital PhotographyReview: Backup4AllNew
2006-11-07Digital PhotographyPhotoshop Save As vs Save for WebUpdated with extract details
2006-11-05Digital PhotographyRaw Thumbnails in Windows XPNew
2006-11-03Digital PhotographyHow to set up your Backup SoftwareNew
2006-10-30Digital PhotographyChoosing the best Backup SoftwareNew
2006-10-23Digital PhotographyJPEG Lossless ExtendLossless Extension for your JPEG Photos
2006-10-16Digital PhotographyJPEG Chroma SubsamplingNew
2006-10-16Digital PhotographyWhat are THM files?New.
2006-10-15Digital PhotographyRecreate THM from RAW filesNew article
2006-10-12Digital PhotographyComparison of shutter lag and startup delayUpdated and added Nikon dSLRs.
2006-09-28Digital PhotographyJPEG Color space conversionNew. A source of JPEG error.
2006-09-21 Reviews of FastStone Image Viewer 
2006-09-21Digital PhotographyDigital Zoom vs Optical ZoomRevised for Comparison to PS up-res
2006-09-20Digital PhotographyMonitor Calibration and ProfilingOverview of Monaco EZcolor 2.6 + Optix XR
2006-09-19Digital PhotographyMonitor sRGB mode presetNew! What is monitor sRGB?
2006-08-29 Reviews of idImager Lite 
2006-08-29Digital PhotographyDigital SLR Sensor Dust CleaningUpdated for Canon Rebel XTi.
2006-05-10 Reviews of idImager Professional 
2006-03-23Anti-Spam and Spoofing 
2006-03-04Iron DungeonAbdominal DevelopmentNew
2006-01-08Digital PhotographyJPEG Minimum Coded Unit (MCU)New article.
2006-01-08Digital PhotographyJPEG Lossless Rotation testAdded file compare test.
2006-01-07Digital PhotographyLossless Rotation on odd-sized imagesNew article.
2006-01-05Digital PhotographyComparison of JPEG Quality 
2006-01-04Iron DungeonAlcohol and Keeping in Shape 
2005-12-29Iron DungeonCreatine Monohydrate for Rookies 
2005-11-08Digital PhotographyPhoto Catalog Software Reviews 
2005-09-27Digital PhotographyHow to take Portrait PhotosNew
2005-09-23Digital PhotographyHow to Take Landscape PhotosNew
2005-08-25AdventuresAfrica Adventure Travel JournalNew story online: Opuwo
2005-08-23AdventuresPhoto Gallery: AfricaNorth Cape Village... more to come...
2005-08-21Digital PhotographyReview: DownloaderProUpdated: Options & Epson P2000
2005-05-16Digital PhotographyPhoto GalleryNew. Redesigned.
2005-05-06FreedivingFear the Lung Squeeze!New
2005-05-05Digital PhotographyFeature comparison of digital cameras.New
2005-05-03Iron DungeonBest Workout tunesNew songs.
2005-04-13Digital PhotographyReview: Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0Added notes regarding camera RAW.
2005-04-11Digital PhotographyReview of Kanguru Slim FC-RWNew hardware review
2005-03-26FreedivingFreediving Mask Volume MeasurementNew article by Giovanni
2005-03-26Digital PhotographyJPEG compressionAdded breakthrough JPEG compression
2005-03-10Digital PhotographyReview: Kanguru Media X-Change 2.0New hardware review.
2005-03-10Digital PhotographyBook Reviews: PhotoshopNew.
2005-03-06FreedivingSharon's Freediving TrainingAdded Regionals experience
2005-03-06FreedivingFreediving Training BlogLung volume tests and freediving
2005-02-27FreedivingFreediving Training ProgressUpdated
2005-02-22Digital PhotographyJPEG Lossless rotationNew. Currently in progress.
2005-02-19AdventuresPeru - Amazon RiverboatAdded photos
2005-01-08Digital PhotographyPhoto Catalog software and how to choose 
2005-01-06Iron DungeonMultivitamins 
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