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User Reviews of Digital Photo Catalog Software

The following is a collection of comments seen on the Internet or forums and submitted here regarding various photo catalog programs. It should help give one an idea of the problems some people are facing with each product, something that is often hard to see from factual comparisons. This is the place to find the issues that users are talking or complaining about, in addition to quality software reviews on other websites.

If you would like to submit a comment or link, please click on the link below the software package. All entries are anonymous!

For each comment / review, you can rate whether or not you found it to be useful. This will help others identify the quality reviews or important issues. NOTE: Reviews that are rated highly should be those that demonstrate an unbiased view (good and bad), or highlight critical issues.

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ACDSee10 Reviews ACDSee Pro1 Reviews Aperture5 Reviews ArkiPix0 Reviews
BreezeBrowser0 Reviews BreezeBrowser Pro2 Reviews Bridge3 Reviews Cataloguer6 Reviews
CompuPic2 Reviews CompuPic Pro2 Reviews Cumulus10 Reviews DigitalPro2 Reviews
Expression Media1 Reviews FastStone Image Viewer4 Reviews FotoAlbum Pro1 Reviews FotoStation5 Reviews
FotoStation Pro1 Reviews idImager Lite1 Reviews idImager Personal4 Reviews idImager Pro3 Reviews
IMatch12 Reviews iPhoto2 Reviews Irfanview0 Reviews iView Media2 Reviews
iView Media Pro6 Reviews Lightroom5 Reviews MaPiVi1 Reviews MediaDex4 Reviews
PFS Manager0 Reviews Photo Album4 Reviews Photo Mechanic8 Reviews Photoshop Album 26 Reviews
Photoshop Album SE0 Reviews Photoshop Elements12 Reviews PicaJet1 Reviews PicaJet FX6 Reviews
Picasa12 Reviews PixVue2 Reviews Portfolio8 Reviews Smart Pix Manager1 Reviews
StudioLine Photo Basic0 Reviews StudioLine Photo Classic1 Reviews ThumbsPlus4 Reviews ThumbsPlus Pro3 Reviews
Zoner Photo Studio Pro0 Reviews    
Total of 163 Reviews


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