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Review: BackupNOW Deluxe 3

Company: NewTech Infosystems (NTI)
Download: BackupNow Deluxe
Cost: $69.99

BackupNOW Deluxe by NewTech Infosystems was reviewed in the process of searching for the best backup software.

NTI BackupNOW Deluxe 3


  • Very simple interface makes it appealing to novice users.


  • Constantly reported that file compare errors existed after every backup job spanning multiple DVDs. After digging further, I discovered that this was a 100% reproducible failure on any file that spanned between discs. Interestingly, I have seen this same bug in another backup program.
  • Reliance on archive bit make this software very limited as multiple backup sessions will interfere with each other.
  • Backup options are extremely limited. Only useful for the most basic of backup jobs.
  • Password protection is nearly useless. Uncompressed backup files are stored in plain-text even when protected by a password! Don't make the mistake in thinking that data is encrypted. The "protected" backup file simply stores a 256-bit hash of your password in the archive file and marks the entries as requiring a password. A simple flipping of bits in the backup data allowed me to recover all of the data without a password!
  • No FTP. Can only access mounted drives or removable media.
  • Proprietary compression & archive format, so you are very reliant on the software to work if you plan on compressing or password-"protecting" your files.


I cannot recommend BackupNOW Deluxe 3 because of the bugs I encountered and extremely limited functionality. Version 4 (deluxe suite) has added a much better user interface, in addition to the following features: FTP upload, real encryption and a bootable emergency recovery disc (good). But at $69, it is priced quite high compared to other similar, more flexible products on the market.


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 Hi and thanks for a great site! You might wanna check out some of the online/remote backup services. They've gotten really good and good value IMHO. Mozy or Carbonite are my top dogs with unlimited storage, easy to use schedule and find past versions of files etc. I'm using both in various settings.

Start here here (jan 2007):

 I am a big fan of online backup, although I prefer to use my own free offsite backup instead! While the ongoing costs of some of the commercial services does add up over time, you do get better support and redundancy than if you were to do it yourself. Thanks for the link, Niclas -- that's a great overview of the commercial backup services available.


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