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Review: Second Copy 7

Company: Centered Systems
Download: Second Copy
Cost: $29.95

Second Copy 7 was reviewed in the process of searching for the best backup software.

Second Copy 7


  • Supports FTP to Local. This may be useful for website administrators who want to include their mySQL databases (or other files) in the backup job.
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Built-in ZIP file viewer
  • Offers both synchronization mode and copy modes
  • For backup to local drives, versioning support allows for the preservation of older files.
  • Built-in FTP viewer under "Destination Files..."
  • Has full preview of upcoming job before it runs
  • Supports compressed synchronization mode. Unlike many other synchronization utilities, Second Copy allows for an "Exact Compress" mode which is synchronization that updates files within the ZIP archive. Most synch utilities work in native mode only.
  • Backup comparison modes include archive bit and date/time, the latter providing filters to ignore files newer than or older than a preset number of days or date.


  • No incremental backups in the sense of storing separate archive files containing only newly added or modified files.
  • Compressed backup via FTP only supports single ZIP file output on the destination. This would be impractical for larger backup jobs. Incremental mechanism requires full download of archive ZIP first before re-upload. That said, compressed backup to local drives does allow for a ZIP per source file to be created. It would be nice if segmented ZIP files were supported (e.g. segment backups at 100MB, etc.).
  • Limited progress indication. No estimated time, files copied/analyzed, etc. Only mechanism to gauge progress is via the log file, which must be manually refreshed.
  • No encryption with FTP backup. Without encryption, it would not be advisable to use this for offsite backup (except on a VPN).
  • No support for backup of open files.
  • The configuration required to backup files in the root directory is somewhat confusing.
  • Last updated in Nov 2005.


For file synchronization to a hard drive or local network connection, Second Copy offers a strong solution at a very reasonable price. If your needs require offsite backup / FTP, then you may find the current implementation to be too limited.


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