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[Unrated] 2011-09-16  

ACDSee Photo Manager:

Pros:Great database and fast

Cons:If you ever want to change software programs, you lose all your tagging work! ACDSee doesn't write metadata into the files so if your database ever has issues, you can also lose everything.
Be smart - before choosing a photo program, make sure you choose something that writes the tags, keywords and metadata you add - i.e. captions to the actual file!

2006-01-12 Link Forum Review: ACDSee Pro Photo Manager
  • V8 Powerpack user who doesn't shoot RAW, upgrade is marginal. For V8 user without Powerpack, probably worthwhile.
  • Looks relatively bug-free
  • Printing improved, but still simplistic
  • Workflow good, decent color management & editing

2006-01-11 Link Review by PC Magazine of ACDSee Pro Photo Manager

2005-08-18 Link Forum Review:

Only upgrade a couple versions behind because of frequent new-version bugs, as evidenced by the forum moaning! On plus side, you can accomplish nearly any task on a photo and you don't have to pay for bug fixes (new releases in the same version). "Has some warts" but is the best the user has found so far. Strongly recommends the $80 Powerpack version as it has a great editor.

2005-07-12   I used ACDSee 5 for a long time. Good software, fast! Much better than 6 (faster). But itīs getting too big now. Some plugins never worked properly. No Colour mangement, but lossless rotate, AUTO rotate from EXIF DATA. Very good function. No real IPTC on Version 5.

2005-03-22 Link Forum Review: Paying for upgrades that should be bug fixes. CRW & THM shown seperately in database. Later versions getting slower. Poor service.

2005-01-01 Link Review by Apogee Photo of ACDSee 7

2004-10-28 Link Forum Review: License agreement prohibits running a second copy of ACDSee on another machine (eg. laptop). Serious customer backlash.

  Link Review by of ACDSee 6.0

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