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Aperture 3.6:

Pros:Supports non-destructive editing.
Supports keywording using drag and drop, sets of quick keys, manual entry, and copy/paste.

Supports raw up to whatever raw format is supported by current system library.

Supports hierarchical keywords internally but does not write out hierarchies to files.

Can construct boolean searches.

Can search Exif and IPTC metadata.


Supports albums, smart albums.

Cons:3.6 is the last version. No longer supported by apple
Distinction between project, folders and albums can be confusing.


Aperture 3.4.1:

Pros:Vastly improved UI, performance, features. Most cost effective Mac solution @ $80 in the Mac App Store.

Cons:Still missing lens correction, plugin access to raw data, layers.

[Unrated] 2012-12-11 Link Review by ??? of

Review by Travel Photographers Network of Aperture 3:

Comparison of Aperture 3 to Lightroom 3. Posted just weeks before Lightroom 4 was released. Lightroom 4 catches up to Aperture in some areas, still behind in others. Lightroom offers some features not available in Aperture.

2005-12-19 Link Review by creativepro of Apple Aperture 1.0. Very detailed review. Overall summary indicated great interface and features, but might be worth waiting for next version.

2005-12-04 Link Review by Ars Technica of Aperture 1.0

A great detailed review with an overall negative conclusion.

I am genuinely angry for those who shelled out US$500 for a program that promised professional results and failed to deliver. Thanks for coming out Aperture, now get off the stage.

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