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BreezeBrowser Pro

by BreezeSys

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Reviews of BreezeBrowser

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2005-04-11   BreezeBrowser Pro 1.0.2. BreezeBrowser 2.1.1 has similar characteristics, but missing a few features.
  • Very simple image browser. Intuitive, uncluttered interface.
  • Seems to be targeted towards initial workflow step of browsing / discarding photos.
  • IPTC support (import / export).
  • Thumbnail order can be customized (and loaded / saved from a "breezebrowser.dat" file within each image directory).
  • Reasonably quick thumbnail display.
  • Batch rename capability quite limited. No pattern matching. Only allows 3 custom naming styles to be stored. Has a number of macros. Rename collision matching is not easy to resolve (doesn't highlight collisions, only reports an error). Support for web page constants.
  • Web. Reasonably extensive HTML macros for web page gallery creation. Has a number of built-in templates.
  • Can embed color profiles in photos.
  • Create proofs, which allows batch generation of images after specified image adjustments (resizing, sharpening, watermarking, noise reduction, color space conversion).
  • Can automatically rotate JPEGs based on the EXIF orientation flag(probably same functionality as in DownloaderPro).
  • Simplified emailing of photos is supported (automatic resizing and image quality settings), but relies on a mail client (such as Outlook) to be running. Doesn't appear to support web-based email portals.
  • Adjust EXIF timestamps to absolute time & date. Doesn't allow relative adjustment -- what if one wanted to correct for daylight savings or time zones?
  • No categories, keywords or centralized database
  • Extent of external information regarding iamges is limited to the "tag" flag which simply marks a photo (toggle on / off). This list of tags is saved in a text file "tagged_files.txt" within each image directory.
  • Documentation. Reasonable.

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