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by CML Software

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Cataloguer :


Cons:Could not open the program beyond the welcome splash screen, had to Control,alt,del it to close it down. Deleted it and removed it from And and Remove Programs.

2006-04-13   Couldn't install. It requires the Micosoft .NET Framework 1.1.4322, but the current version from Microsoft is 2, and the install will not continue.

2005-04-13 Link After battling to find a cataloguing software that would catalogue my thousands of analogue and digital pics that wouldn't cost me a fortune and could tackle a non-professional indexing, came about this gem. Thanks to forum where i saw it mentioned and this fabulous site, i tested all those for my budget, and this is a clear winner. Highly recommended. Long live neatly indexed photography.

2005-04-13   I've been using the Cataloguer for several months and really like the ease of use. It's a no nonsense program that allows me to customize the fields to my needs, and is a program without the clutter of unnecessary or unwanted features that I would never use. It's a breeze to organize my files now.

2005-04-13   This is a very handy program with features that can be utilized by hobbyists or professionals. Easy to use and tasks can be achieved quickly. Thumbs up. Tom Reed
[Unrated] 2005-04-11   Very simple to use and with loads of features one can really use. If looking for a cataloguing software that really catalogues the way you want to design your headings, this is it. If you want more sophisticated handling look elsewhere, and be prepared to pay 10 times more. Good work and a delight to use.

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