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[Unrated] 2006-07-30   Pros:
I have now tried four or five programs and this is the only one that does what I want...thumbnail my folders with all subfolders IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER and thumbnail my offline volumes, ALSO IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. IView doesn't thumbnail offline volumes alphabetically, Extensis shows you everything in your folder, meaning all images along with all subfolder images, which is confusing.
the company has quit updating the program and has basically abandoned it. Also, it does not thumbnail RAW files and never will, unfortunately.
[Unrated] 2005-05-25   I'm using Compupic Express. I use it because it's the fatest displaying S/W that I could find to display the ~2MB JPEGs that come out of my Canon 10D. Anything else was too slow on my 500 MHz Windows machine to make pruning (aka image review) a desirable undertaking.

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