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by Canto

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Cumulus 7.5.4:

Pros:It can hold a lot of information.
Cross platform.

Cons:Not user friendly. Prone to bugs. Needs an IT expert to run the server.
Very expensive.
Poor support

[Unrated] 2011-04-28  

Cumulus 6.01:

Pros:Dedicated Digital Asset Management software.

Cons:Have used Cumulus single user for some years, but Canto seems utterly disinterested in ironing out bugs. The switch to Mediadez fizzled out without any information to the customers. There seems to be no way to export all the data, so forget about future-proofing your work. Cumulus 6.01 does not work under Windows Vista or (my versions of) Windows 7. A disaster! It is not at all easy to get the assets from Cumulus into a DTP package. All in all a great disappointment despite hundreds of hours of cataloging my digital assets.



Pros:Good features

Cons:Very pooly suppoirted. Bugs. Started using Canto Cumulus years ago. They spun off single-user to MediaDex a few years ago and now MediaDex no longer supports it and you have to buy a $200 upgrade back to Canto Cumulus. has bugs (e.g., batch reference changing) and no way to get a fix without upgrading. MediaDex forum is down (link generates an error). Company appears defunct. Product stores meta data in proprietary format, not in IPTC, EXIF or XMP. Stay away.

2005-12-14   We've been using Canto Cumulus since version 2. It was a terrible program then but it was manageable. Now it's huge and bloated with functions that indeed make it credible for huge operations where hundreds or thousands of users need access to hundreds of thousands of digital resources. That means trained IT staff to make it work. This is not a user-friendly application and the customer service is non-existent. Do not even THINK about buying Cumulus and watch out for the single-user edition which has recently been renamed. Same lousy application, new name.


I have been using Cumulus Single User Since ver 3.0. I am very annoyed with the fragility of the catalogs. You must back up religiously or you will lose data. The catalogs seem to break for no reason at all. Upgrades are often buggy and become stable only after several patch releases.

Searching is very fast and the filters are extensive.

Cataloging assets is painfully slow. I catalog only images in PSD, TIF,JPG and Canon RAW formats and it can take upwards of 13 HOURS to catalog a DVD with 1100 images. I am using a Mac G5 dual 1.8Ghz with 2GB RAM so I am confident it is not processor related.

I would switch but I have too many assets to to do so easily.

Many of the other DAM products have limits on the number of assets that I can not have.

2004-12-27 Link Forum Review: Concern over lack of Canon CR2 (Mk2) support, stability in OSX, paying for updates

2004-11-24 Link Forum Review: Buggy User Manager caused significant losses

  Link Review by Imaging-Resource of Canto Cumulus 5.0.10

  Link Review by RetouchPRO of Cumulus
  • Extensive feature list
  • Very expandable
  • Handles many file types
  • Cross-platform
  • User support non-existent
  • Periodic crashes during tests for review

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 Do not purchase Canto Cumulus. It is one of the worst DAM's on the market. The developers don't listen or care. Constant problems. Horrible user interface that puts the burden of training extensively with the admin's. Stay away from this product.


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