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Reviews of FastStone Image Viewer (FastStone)

FastStone Image Viewer

by FastStone

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FastStone Image Viewer 4.6:

Pros:Not a replacement for Bridge & Photoshop, etc., but has many wonderful features and does some things faster and easier: i.e., (1) Quick way to compare up to 4 images simultaneously, even zooming in on specific features; (2) Fast batch resizing of images for email or web posting; (3) Accepts images from scanner; (4) Quick contact sheet builder. Try it; You'll like it!

Cons:It's what it is. It's not Photoshop or Bridge, but was actually recommended by a Photoshop instructor.


FastStone Image Viewer 3.5:

Pros:I agree with review 2006-12-04
v 3.6 3.5 & 3.4 close to identical in use.
Using it with keyboard equivalents puts some speed into the process.
Quickly Crop with [x]
Can save Editor adjustment settings [e] which may be applied to the next picture edited.

Cons:Slideshow feature best used for only a single directory. Less powerful than Irfanview but has some useful features compared with Irfanview.


Faststone Image Viewer 2.8

small, portable, intuivie, good crop manager, good batch options, skinnable, fast raw conversion (quick and dirty, just if you need a sample - but the colors are good)

It's not a album manager, only for viewing and some basic editing. But hey ... if you use this program as a replacement for Explorer, it is a good piece of software!

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