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idImager Pro

by idPlanner

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idImager Pro 5:

Pros:Based on SQL database. so metatdata is not trapped in a proprietary jail. Very responsive customer support. Active ongoing deelopment with frequent updates. Active user forum. Full support of international metadata standards, even recent additions. Download images automated for adding copyright and labels, saving untouched originals to another folder, and much more. Files move with verification. Easily imports controlled vocabular. Your choice to write data to images and database or only to database. Works on Windows 7 64 bit very quickly. Backup of database very easy. Tracks images burned to CD/DVD.

Cons:Lots to learn (not really a negative), so plan on studying the extensive pdf instructions and practicing a lot to learn ins and outs before going into full production. There is an independent ebook on IDimager to purchase 3/2010 with some chapters already available.


idImager Pro v4.2.0.2:

Pros:Extreme flexible program: almost everything is configurable.
The light table (for viewing and comparing pictures) allows fast full screen viewing. Zoom is automatically synchronized when viewing multiple pictures. It is possible to rate the images and view exit data in overlay.
The labels are more powerful then the keywording approach. Versioning will help you to handle e-mail/web/print versions.
For programmers, there are scripting possibility's are unlimited. Other users can download scripts to automate tasks.

Cons:It takes some time to master this quite complicated program.


idImager Pro v4 beta RC.3a:

Pros:Just about everything - It's just about the best DAM(N) solution I've seen! ;-)

Although v4 is still in beta, I was so impressed I bought a licence for V3 so I could keep running v4, even though it was still in bata form! I've also found the support that Hert (the developer) gives, is second to none!
It has grown in power and flexibility since the earlier betas. It's less "beta" than many so called released programs I have used. Hugely recommended.
Visit the beta section for more information.
Also visit the forum where various other users make their observations and suggestions to the developers.

Cons:No major issues that haven't been attended to or come come across after 4 months of trialling the various beta releases of v4.0.

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