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Reviews of idImager Personal (idPlanner)

idImager Personal

by idPlanner

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2006-01-17   I'm testing idimager against ACDsee Pro and iview MediaPro right now. It's very feature rich and fairly intuitive. It's not quite as fast as MediaPro at some operations, but more functional. The latest release (3.0.3) has been very stable with a 50,000 image library and support is extremely responsive.

2005-05-25 Link Forum Review: The organizer I currently use is idImager. It is far less polished than Elements Organizer, but it's not hard to use (IMHO). It has native versioning support, has flexible IPTC support and a nice cataloging system. It is less stable than either IMatch or Elements but it also has grown much faster; the developer is working on a lot of neat stuff these days and is very responsive. I also like the Web gallery generation. I've found it to be the best compromise between ease-of-use and power for me.

2005-04-11   idImager
  • Image browser. Somewhat slow thumbnail previews.
  • User Interface. Nice and clean.
  • Editing. Built-in standard editing (exposure, color correction, sharpening), in addition to filters, red eye and framing.
  • Unlimited category depth.
  • Versioning. Allows drag-and-drop of images from windows explorer to associate multiple versions. Proper handling of versions.
  • Web. Very thorough generator with a lot of customization in the templates.


idImager will add full scripting support in 3.0 which is currently under development. The scripting feature allows access to the full internal Object Model as well as direct access to the underlying Access database. Also the scripter allows you to add forms to scripts which makes it possible to build a user interface to go with a script.

The Object Model offers access to: Catalog, Image Model (albums, galleries, collections), Effect Processor (edit images through scripts).

The scripter uses VB as well as Delphi (Pascal) programming language, configurable per script.

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