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Reviews of iView Media Pro (Replaced by Expression)

iView Media Pro

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Reviews of iView Media

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iView Media Pro iView Media Pro 3:

Pros:I just started to use it and it works great. Supports any functionality a digital photographer might need. I recomend it to professionals and beginners alike.


2005-12-29   RE: "Compare" mentioned below.
From the iView manual:
The Lightbox mode is the best way to view an image or compare up to four different images at once. To use the Lightbox mode, select between one and four images and choose Lightbox from the View menu, or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + / (Mac: Command + / ).

2005-06-18 Link Forum Review:

I downloaded the iView Media Pro trial yesterday and have been fiddling with it for several hours. I love the interface and feature set but there are 2 massive problems:

  1. Full size images take about 3 seconds to render when I click on a thumbnail or attempt to scroll through the images using page down. ACDC flies through full size images as fast as I can hit the page down key. I can flick back and forth between images to compare them instantaneously. Scrolling/browsing through thumbnails is OK in iView but browsing full size images is simply impossible due to this ridiculously slow rendering speed. Do you also have a delay scrolling through full size images in iView??
  2. There is no way to compare images side by side in iView. I can only open one full size image at a time and there is no other comparison feature. This is a fatal ommision since I use comparisons to study my images and learn how to improve them. Am I missing something or is there no way to compare images?

2004-12-28 Link Review by YourMacLife of iView MediaPro 2.6.2. Video.
Pros: features, image editing, folder watching, metadata syncing. Cons: poor printing and HTML export options, support structure not "Pro" worthy.

2004-08-08 Link Review by PracticalPC of iView Media Pro 2.5

  Link Review by CreativePro of iView Media Pro 2.6

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