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Pros:Good features

Cons:Very pooly suppoirted. Bugs. Started using Canto Cumulus years ago. They spun off single-user to MediaDex a few years ago and now MediaDex no longer supports it and you have to buy a $200 upgrade back to Canto Cumulus. has bugs (e.g., batch reference changing) and no way to get a fix without upgrading. MediaDex forum is down (link generates an error). Company appears defunct. Product stores meta data in proprietary format, not in IPTC, EXIF or XMP. Stay away.


MediaDex 2.0 pro:

Pros:uses well reputed cumulus image database library.
countless import plugins.
many adjustable features.

Cons:rather buggy frontend software.
very complicated preferences.
every little error (and they are many) crashes the entire application, including opened catalogs.
is there any error handling implemented at all ?
selecting many thumbnails (6000) is nearly impossible as in aged cumulus. no improvements here.
we reverted to cumulus singleuser on mac os classic for now !!

[Unrated] 2007-08-02  

MediaDex Pro:

Pros:Easy to use, good organization, keywording, and retrieval capabilities.

Cons:Trouble opening catalogs, exporting, and frequent crashing on new Macs. No working "save as" function. IT support erratic, tending to ignore problems they cannot answer or fix.


Pros: Used it for years. We have most of our photos and illustrations on CDs and DVDs. I can find out which disk a particular image is on after clicking the thumbnail.
Cons: Tends to crash a bit on the new IMacs (system 10.4)

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