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Reviews of Photoshop Album 2 (Adobe)

Photoshop Album 2

by Adobe

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User Reviews / Comments

This is a collection of unbiased & balanced reviews of Photoshop Album 2

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2005-04-04   pros:
  • best polished ui for tagging images
  • slow
  • no support for nef raw format
  • no networked db support
  • memory hog
  • not a small install

2005-03-15 Link Forum Review: Appearance of beta-test program for Photoshop Album 3 SE has raised concerns over what Adobe is doing with its frustrating / confusing product roadmap. With people desperately looking for an update to PSA2, and no word from Adobe, the arrival of PSE3 (with a new Organizer) appeared to be the replacement. Where did that leave users who already own Photoshop Album 2 and Photoshop CS? How many people bought PSE3 just for the organizer (when they already had PS CS?) Now, the indication of PSA 3 SE brings into question whether or not we might see a PSA 3.

2005-01-30 Link Forum Review: People are unhappy that Photoshop Album appears to be dead-ended by Adobe (ie. no more support). An absolute silence from Adobe leaves people to assume that the more expensive Photoshop Elements 3 is the successor. Example: Lack of support for emerging digital camera file formats, such as the new Canon RAW (CR2) formats.

2004-12-13 Link Forum Review: Reconnect (relocating files if one moves a file outside PSA) feature is extremely limited. Cannot deal effectively with a change in folder hierarchy. Moving / renaming a root folder will require manual browsing for every folder in the hierarchy.

  Link Review by of Photoshop Album 2
[Unrated]   Link Review by Little Blue PC Club of Photoshop Album 2. PDF.

Pros: Easy to learn and use, the Quick Guide interface makes it easy for novices to get started. Strong organization and search features. Photo fixing sufficient for most lighting and color problems. Maintains original photos. Several useful and fun creation features.

Cons: No drag and drop capability to rearrange photos in the Photo Well. A lack of font editing capabilities in Creations. File names are changed when burned to CD making them difficult to locate when viewing CD contents. Atmosphere 3D gallery sporadically crashes the program.

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