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Reviews of Photoshop Elements (Adobe)

Photoshop Elements

by Adobe

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User Reviews / Comments

This is a collection of unbiased & balanced reviews of Photoshop Elements

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DateLinkReviewWas This

2006-10-11 Link Forum Review: Photoshop Elements 5

Very insightful overview of the problems with using the Organizer function in PSE5.

2006-01-06 Link Review by Corporate Media News of Photoshop Elements 4

Detailed coverage of the new features found in version 4, with helpful screenshots. Calls it a "solid upgrade".

2006-01-06 Link Review by of Photoshop Elements 4

Good in-depth overview of the organizer features, the unique face-tagging and other improvements.

  • Easy interface
  • Face tagging
  • New extras, including items for scrapbooking and improvements to the slideshow capabilities
  • Very sluggish
  • Red eye reduction performance poor


Will not catalog the same filename even if in different folders or on different CDs/DVDs. Any duplicate filename will not appear in the offline catalog of the CD/DVD.

2005-07-23 Link Review by Dan & Sherree of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3

2005-03-15 Link Forum Review: Inability to update / retag IPTC metadata in files.

2005-03-03 Link Forum Review: Move functionality is flawed when it comes to moving more than one directory of files. Reconnect is flaky at best (unclear how it is supposed to operate).

2005-02-21 Link Forum Review: Organizer freezes / locks up. Happens enough that Adobe has a Tech Doc on it.

2005-02-16 Link Forum Review: Disappearing edited files.

2005-02-13 Link Forum Review: Poor organizer performance with large databases.

2005-01-08 Link Forum Review: Issues with RAW (NEF rotation), difficulties in the treatment of XMP metadata. Possible troubles importing PSA2 albums. Comparison with Photoshop CS File Browser.

2004-12-01 Link Review by The Graphics Guy of Photoshop Elements 3.0. Some description of the organizer feature.

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