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Reviews of PicaJet FX (PicaJet)

PicaJet FX

by PicaJet

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Reviews of PicaJet

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PicaJet FX :

Pros:Good piece of photo organizer program. Btw a new version of the PicaJet named Daminion is available, and its very promising.

Cons:No mac version.

2010-05-02 Link Review by ??? of

Review by ??? of PicaJet FX :

A blog about new version of PicaJet:
- Multi-users access
- Full versions support
- RAW files support
- and much more...


The best I've seen.

Can't query large complicated organizational structures. Also has lots of bugs which have not been fixed in the year I've owned it.


Very fast and feature rich. Supported EXIF, IPTC, DNG, XMP standards. Supported color management. I like it's slideshow with super transition effects. The best image management interface i've seen.

Only Win version

2006-03-25   Picajet FX 2.5

Very fast interface. Although I didn't time my test import of 350+ images it fealt like just a few minutes. The IPTC/EXIF editor is great - very intuitive and fast. Assigning categories also intuitive and efficient.

With a little polish like missing the headline IPTC field and some parent/child import capability like iMatch it would be outstanding.

2005-05-27 Link Except PicaJet isn't cluttered, is faster, and was around long before Picasa ever hit the scene. Unlike most, PicaJet's indexing speed is phenomenal.

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