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[Unrated] 2016-10-30  

Picasa 10/30/16:

Pros:was great



Picasa 3.6:

Pros:Disk folder based image catalog is not for everyone, but I use it effectively across-software programs. If it isn't folder-based, then it is PROPRIETARY.

Very good imange manipulation for color/contrast, cropping, rotating. Best in class at instant beautiful slide-shows. Infinite undo, even after save-changes due to both backups of originals kept and reversable logs of all changes stored in the picasa.ini file.

Lots of hidden controls allow power-users to do things easily. Examples: left click-hold will zoom to full resolution at the mouse pointer. Shortcut keys for many operations. Three sliders for Highlights/Fill/Shadows with a histogram makes custom contrast fixes immensily useful, if you know what you are doing.

Geotagging with Google Earth integration is fun.

Stable: Has NEVER crashed for me, which cannot be said of Photoshop/Corel/Canon/etc. I've used Picasa for 1 year and 50,000 files.

Cons:Takes time to learn as some controls are not immediately recognizable. Obviously most reviewers gave up before learning to use the software. (click the tiny disk icon at top of folder view to save edits to files = resolves most of the complaints here about changes not applying outside picasa or proprietary database complaints. Picasa does use standards for tags, etc. but you must click on save changes.)

Limited number of recently used tag buttons isn't enough for a full baseball team.


Picasa 2.7.0:


Cons:You have to rotate all your fotos with a different program because if you burn the fotos after editing, at your disk they are not turned!!!


Picasa Picasa 2.7/3:

Pros:Excellent basic editing tools. Wonderful effects

Cons:While you can put each photo in many different albums, there is no way of knowing which album each photo is in. A user can type a "tag" for each photo, but users with thousands of photos (22000 for me) and numerous albums find it to be a waste of time. The organizion portion of this of this program is woefully lacking.


Picasa 3.0:

Pros:Fast. free. Does not keep opening up new windows everytime you want to view an image as the system software does on a PC

Cons:Picasa hits it limits when you have more than about 30 albums. What is needed is a way to put albums within albums, but Picasa lacks the ability to create heirachical photo collections. You also can't close one collection of albums and reopen it later if you need it. I like Picasa, but a few issues are making me look elsewhere. Another issue is that when Picasa rotates images, they are not really rotated, only displayed in Picasa as rotated. This is pain when you also use other applications with the same images as the Picasa rotated images are not rotated when view in other applications.


Picasa 2

  • QUICK!!!
  • You can undo changes at anytime.
  • I am a seasoned vet of photoshop and love the simplicity of picassa. I use it constantly for cataloging and red eye reduction.
  • Can only assign pictures to one group. So say you want to have your son's birthday party under events and under his name, you have to choose either one.

2005-11-14 Link Forum Review: Picasa 2
Summary states that it is good for organizing snapshots, but not much else: too many flaws.

2005-06-20 Link Forum Review:

Sadly, the Picasa v2 Help screens you quote [eg. IPTC access] claim functional features that many of us cannot verify - in fact, we claim the opposite - Picasa v2 LOOSES or disregards IPTC data in our files, and many other Picasa v2 failures.

My quote, and then I'm outta here:

  • All you work INSIDE Picasa v2 is wasted outside of Picasa v2, and
  • All your work OUTSIDE of Picasa v2 is wasted inside Picasa v2.

It's NOT ready for prime time by my standards

2005-05-02 Link Review by A View from Home of Picasa 2

2005-05-02 Link Review by MomAtHome of Picasa 2
Overview with some comparison to iPhoto

2005-04-12 Link Forum Review:

I like that Picasa will allow any changes to be undone easily, but why couldn't they adopt a more standard convention of "Save" (which would overwriting the original with the changes) and "Save As", which would allow you to Save a copy with a different (user specified, not Picassa chosen) file name?

Understanding how and where Picassa is saving files defies standard logic. By trying to "idiot-proof" the program, they have made it difficult for more experienced users to use. A good example is the rotate command. After rotating a group of photos to proper orientation, why would I want to save the incorrectly rotated originals?? There -ARE- times when I really -DO- want to overwrite the original and Picassa won't allow that. I'd also like to create my own folder and file naming convention and Picassa... well... guessing how and why they do things as they do makes this program less interesting for me.

2005-04-04   pros:
  • screaming fast interface for browsing thumbs
  • great for jpg/png sizes that are small
  • handled 15k or so images ok but 20k+ seemed to choke the background thread scanning the images
  • nice flashy ui
  • nice slideshow mode (make sure to go to tools > options > slideshow > high quality)
  • timeline view takes forever with 20k images
  • no support for raw nikon format that I use
  • no support for file conversions, etc
  • no way to edit IPTC info
  • support for images greater than 100MB was poor - i had the picassa service die a couple times as it hit 100mb+ png from my scanned 35mm slides
  • ini file per directory is created
  • retarded means of "virtually" combining image directories but not actually moving files if you said group with next/previous
  • no offline media support (i.e. cds/dvds that are offline - unless i missed it)
  • proprietary closed db
  • no support for netwroked thumbs/db

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