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2005-11-04   Everything that Pixvue does, it does pretty well... I wish that it would bloat into a full-blown image management package. I've been using Pixvue, along with Picasa, and especially appreciate its ability to modify batches of files at once. The template function is great, although it would be nice if templates were modify-able... Overall, 5* for doing what it does really, really well and at an unbeatable cost.

2003-10-19 Link Forum Review: PixVue hails itself as an image management application. While it certainly isn't a "Portfolio" type application, it does provide image previews, slideshow, image finding, gallery creation and metadata editing. Like IPTCExt it integrates into the Windows Explorer shell and adds pages to an image file's properties window. Unlike IPTCExt, PicVue is also available as a right click context menu. PixVue allows editing of XMP and IPTC metadata, as well as a very handy copy, cut and paste of metadata through the context menu. This feature is very nice. Also an option is removing metadata. Another great feature is the creation of metadata templates for application to groups of photos. I am really impressed with PixVue's context menu and metadata editing capabilities. Oh, it's also available free-of-charge.

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