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by Extensis

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As the Portfolio 7 user who submitted the first comment, Portfolio 8 fixes all the points, except it won't recognize XMP sidecar metadata. Otherwise, its XMP reading support is very good and fully configurable. The biggest improvement is in folder watching which can now trigger presets for automated keywording and other metadata entry.


Ability to write metadata to files is still limited to JPG and TIF. It really hasn't improved much since version 7.

2005-01-18 Link Forum Review: Portfolio 7 user indicates that you can't rotate non-JPEGs (eg. RAW) in the large preview. Doesn't recognize XMP sidecar metadata. Foldersync doesn't abide by filters, so can mark folders out of sync when unimportant file types have changed. Difficulty with 16-bit PS files.

2004-11-20 Link Review by The Big Picture of Extensis Portfolio 7. Short but balanced review.

2004-10-01 Link Review by Apogee Photo of Extensis Portfolio 7.0

  Link Review by Imaging-Resource of Review of Portfolio 6

  Link Forum Review: Extensis Portfolio 8. Great detailed review, from a workflow perspective.

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