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Reviews of ThumbsPlus Pro (Cerious)

ThumbsPlus Pro

by Cerious

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Reviews of ThumbsPlus

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2010-04-07 Link

ThumbsPlus Pro 8.0:

Have used Thumbs for years and have recently upgraded to version 8. I'm having issues with the new version and have not been able to reach ANYONE at Carious for support - either by e-mail or on the phone. I'll be switching to something else.


ThumbsPlus Pro Thumbsplus 7.0:

Pros:Many years ago when I started scanning my collection of negs I tried others, TP was the only one that I needed - and I've not found a good reason to change.

Fast thumbnailing, database is in one compact file, program does everything you need. Solid coding - has never crashed or corrupted any files.

Cons:Look & feel of Win 98. Lack of support of online sites such as Flickr.

No versioning - but I ended up doing exactly as the previous reviewer.

2006-02-14   Thumbsplus 7.0

Great software.. does all you need and more

Well.. their support is great but... their choice for using a newsgroup vs a forum is terrible in my opinion.

As for the lack of versioning.. not a problem for me.. I keep my originals online and tagged via thumbsplus and my other versions.. are in folders that are not catalogued by Thumbsplus.. why would you need to do that? If I have edits that I want to track.. I'll just add notations to the IPTC or annotations... who cares?

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