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by Cerious

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2005-09-26   ThumbsPlus sucks because it has no version support. Every time you edit a picture in Photoshop and serve it as a different version all comments in UserFields are gone...

2005-04-04   pros:
  • network capable (i.e. 5 machines share a db with thumbs, etc. - no need to regen per machine)
  • fast
  • supports all popular raw formats + plugins from photoshop
  • batch mode for processing and conversion
  • IPTC image info + EXIF data easy to get at
  • meta tagging UI sucks. hopefully they'll improve this long term. If I could have thumbsplus with adobe's ui for tagging they'd have a runaway hit.

2005-04-04   I use Thumbs Plus - it uses an Access Database (or other ODBC source - I've personally hosted mine as a SQL database) - with an open schema that I can run queries against to find dups, etc. (it stores an MD5 hash of each image - so it makes it really easy to find timages that are EXACTLY THE SAME). I use it becasue:
  1. Support for multiple plugins (including camera raw for canon, nikon , etc.) to generate thumbnails.
  2. The database is multiple machine compatible (i.e. I can access it from any of the 5 pcs in the house and view any of the thumbnails located on any of the machines)
  3. ability to tag images in the database or in the exif/iptc portion of the actual file
  4. ability to archive to dvd and have thumbnails and meta data for offline content stored in the db and still browsable/searchable
  5. ability to quickly/easily create logical galleries which are just a collection of images from anywhere they are stored (i.e. they can be offline, online, same hard drive, different machine, etc.)
  6. it handles the 27,000+ images I have to date including rougly 150GB of scanned slides/negatives that are 150MB per image PNG files (mostly archived to DVD now) - it only had to gen the thumbs once and I can view the thumbs and access the files quickly and easily from any machine.
  7. it can do batch operations (file conversions, scripts to add watermark, etc.)

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