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Abdominal Development

by Zach Bashore

Everyone wants great abs but very few people know how to properly make them stand out. No matter what the commercials say, you simply cannot do thousands of reps on their exercise devices and expect to get washboard abs. This article is intended to give you the knowledge successfully needed to achieve a six pack and will also tell you the best exercises to do to achieve one.

According to, the abdominals is defined as of, or related to that of the abdomin, but the definition goes beyond that. There are five different sections of the abdomin muscle that need to be targeted separately. The external and internal obliques allow for lateral flexion of the trunk. The rectus abdominus allows flexion and lateral flexion of the trunk. The transverse abdominis compresses the abdomin and the erector spinae allows for extension of the trunk. says that the Bicycle exercise is the best at targeting the rectus abdominus and the obliques. It also states the Captain`s Chair as the second most effective ab exercise because it primarily targets the rectus abdomis and obliques. also states other good exercises such as the Exercise Ball Crunch, Vertical Leg Crunch, Torso Track, and Long Arm Crunch.

Whatever exercises you choose, it is important that you emphasize the three most important sections that make up the abs: The lower, upper, and obliques. Some peole train these sections separately on different days and take the fourth day off. Others just train them when ever they are bored, and some don`t even train them at all.

No matter how you decide to train them, it is very important that you emphasize diet and cardio exercise as the most important factor in getting a six-pack. You don`t need fat loss drugs to achieve good abs, but they do help decrease your craving for food and give you a boost of energy in the gym. Good luck with your abs, see you next time.

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 i been working out when i was in 8th know im in 11th i never getting know were i been on diet protin drunks im getting somewhere but i cant see where at slow im upgrand but still skiny as Fack lol
 you spelled bored wrong :P nice tips thanks
 :) Fixed. Thx.
 Hello, I would to say that your site is very informative. My question is Im 6'2 270 lbs. Im muscular but holding a lot of fat in the midsection. I workout 4-5 days a week. But, my goal is to do a bodybuilding show. What I would like know is, what is the first thing I should be doing now? I have already placed myself on a diet to try and trim down some. Any information would really be helpful. Thank you!


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