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A selection of useful books on training and nutrition. If you have any other items to recommend, please leave a note at the bottom of this page.



  • by Stuart McRobert

Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

  • by Arnold Schwarzenegger / Bill Dobbins

High Performance Bodybuilding

  • by John Parrilo

Critical Mass

  • by IronMan Magazine

Hardcore Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach

  • by Fredrick C. Hatfield, PhD

Dinosaur Training

  • by Brooks Kubik
  • Training with everyday objects

Getting Stronger

  • by Bill Pearl
  • General training & bodybuilding info. Strength training for sports.
  • 460 pg, $19

Brother Iron, Sister Steel

  • by Dave Draper

Ultimate Bodybuilding

  • by Joe Weider
  • Supplements, diet, exercises


  • by Dan Duchaine

The Zone

  • by Barry Sears

World Anabolic Review

  • Anabolic Steroid info
  • order from 800-527-2361

Physical Enhancement With an Edge

  • Anabolic Steroid info
  • order from 800-527-2361

Anabolic Reference Guide

  • Anabolic Steroid info
  • order from 800-527-2361

Physical Enhancement With an Edge

  • Anabolic Steroid info
  • order from 888-797-7729

Underground Steroid Handbook I & II

  • by Dan Duchaine
  • Anabolic Steroid info
Optimum Sports Nutrition
  • by Dr. Michael Colgan.
  • this review was sent in by a reader:
  • Ok, so it's got a lot of info for endurance athletes and other Olympic sports, but great info on Vitamin and Mineral supplementation, foodsources, drugs, etc. Published 1993, so maybe a bit old, but all scientific, and everything is referenced (how often do you see that?). Beware, thebook was sponsored by Twinlabs, so expect some shameless plugging of theirproducts, but undoubtably one of the best nutrition books i've read.

P.S. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" is available in a new edition. Check it out at Keep up the good work.


Peak Training Journal
  • PO Box 1429 Stow, Ohio 44224-0429
  • Phone: (216) 686 0184

Hardcore Muscle

  • by Dante


  • by CS Publishing


  • by Ironmind
  • Bimonthly
  • Expert training advice & info

Dirty Dieting

  • by Dan Duchaine
  • Fans of Dan's old Rant page of MM2k will appreciate this

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all those who contributed listings here.

Matrixmoot, Greg H, and many others who contributed before I kept track.


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 does anyone know where I can get copies of the original Hardcore Muscle Newsletters put out by Dante?


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