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Daily Supplementation Schedule

A suggested schedule of when to take all of your supplements.

  • Wakeup, first thing:
    Creatine Monohydrate 5g w/ 30g high-GI carb drink
  • Morning Breakfast:
    High-protein & carb meal
    [Vitamin C 500mg]
  • Frequently drink water (work up to 8 litres a day)
  • Every 3-4 hrs, get a good 30g protein
  • Pre-workout (90 mins prior):
    [Stop eating foods that will later interfere with blood-glucose/insulin
  • Pre-workout (45 mins prior):
    CM 5g w/ 30g high-GI
    [Ergogenics like Ultimate Orange]
  • Post-workout (10 mins after):
    High-GI medium carb meal
    [Vanadyl Sulfate]
  • Post-workout (<90 mins after):
    High protein & carb meal (one of the most important meals)
  • Every 3-4 hrs, get a good 30g protein
  • Within 3 hours of sleep:
    No more big meals
    [Vitamin C 500mg]
  • Within 2 hours of sleep:
    No more water
  • Within 30 mins of sleep:
    Small carb meal (for ease of sleeping; limit protein)

If you are currently loading CM, then you will have to rearrange things a bit so that your CM supplementation is staggered some time away from your protein consumption.

NOTE: It is argued that a protein meal prior to sleep may be the best fix for the peak catabolic state during the night. However, I do not feel that this is as effective as a good night's sleep. A high-protein meal just before sleep will make getting to sleep more difficult.



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 I usually work out at night (about 2hrs before I go to sleep). What would you suggest as far as a big meal with alot of protein?
 Generally, I would typically rely on a dinner of chicken breasts to get the protein (I got tired of tuna long ago!). However, I tend to avoid the late workout or big meal before sleep for a couple reasons: 1) you're more likely to store excess calories as fat (your metabolism slows down), 2) proteins seem to make sleep more difficult and 3) working out tends to raise my heart rate for a while afterwards, making it hard to get to sleep faster.

That being said, I found it a lot easier to get to sleep after eating carbs, and I'd push my heavy workout just before an early dinner time. Having the high-protein meal right after your workout is ideal, but I would think that it's best to do this more than 2 hours before sleep. If you don't find any difficulties getting to sleep, then stick with it. Good luck!
 What are some good supplements to start off with
2005-12-08Cliff Etzel
 Calvin, how does this affect serious freedive training?

Cliff Etzel
 Cliff -- great question. While I can't imagine that the protein/carb schedule would have any unexpected impact on freediving, the creatine monohydrate might actually offer some benefits. I know some highly successful freedivers who regularly use CM in their training (probably with a similar benefit as observed in competitive bikers).


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