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------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pointer to FAQs and Resources	By: Brian Bucher
Last-modified: 07/08/1997

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

This document is a Pointer to various FAQs and resources available on
the internet which deal with lifting and related areas.  Feel free to
distribute this as much as you want on home pages, archives, etc.

If you feel there is any resource which is missing, or if you have any
comments in general please email me at though the
author reserves the right to refuse any request for additions.

If you are relativly new to please read at least
one or two of the FAQs before asking your questions.  These are here
in order to reduce the volume of questions that get asked over and
over.  (hence the term FAQ)

	FAQs available
	* FAQ
	* High Intensity Training (HIT) FAQ
	* Hardgainer FAQ
	* Training-Nutrition FAQ
	* Abdominal Training FAQ
	* Stretching FAQ
	* Why _not_ aerobics FAQ
	* Powerlifting Competition FAQ
	* Anabolic Steroid FAQ
	* FAQ
	* the old FAQ

	Mailing Lists
	* Weights mailing list
	* Training-Nutrition mailing list
        * Lowcarb Pro
        * Lowcarb Diets and Exercise
        * Lowcarb Support
        * Zone mailing list
        * Aerobics & Fitness

	WWW sites
	(see below for list)

	News and IRC
	(see below)

******** [FAQs available] ******** FAQ---
Author:  John Gunstream (
Please read this before posting to  It is quite
extensive and should answer many of your questions.

---The High Intensity Training (HIT) FAQ---
Author:  Robert E. Spector (
An excellent FAQ which advocates very high intensity training done
briefly, infrequently and with excellent form.

---The Hardgainer FAQ---
Authors:  Francis J. Kelly (
	  Craig R. Sadler (
	   Also posted to monthly to
Another excellent FAQ for the genetically non-gifted person also known
as a "Hardgainer".

---The Training-Nutrition FAQ---
Author:  Paul Moses (
	   Also available by sending email to
	   with 'request FAQs' in the subject line.
IMPORTANT: Please use the LowCarb Pro mailing list for discussions on 
lowcarb diets since open discussions on lowcarb dieting are not welcome on
the Training-Nutrition list.

---Abdominal Training FAQ---
Author:  Tim Mansfield (
	   Also available by sending email to with the word "abs" in the
	   body of the letter.

---Stretching FAQ---
Author:  Brad Appleton

---Why _not_ aerobics FAQ---
Author:  Greg Anderson (

---The Powerlifting Competition FAQ---
Author:  Bill Piche (

---The Anabolic Steriod FAQ---
Author:  Fred Hosn (
Owner:     Jennifer Robles (
Author:  Jeff Gleixner (
The FAQ was the FAQ for the old group before
it was split into the three groups: and
note: you may view this using a browser but you must use ftp://
instead of http:// when typing in the address.

******** [Mailing Lists] ********

---Weights mailing list---
Moderator:  Michael Sullivan (
WWW Page:
note:  FAQ available at the WWW site

---Training-Nutrition Mailing List---
Moderator:  Paul Moses (
note: see above in the FAQs section for more information
IMPORTANT: Please use the LowCarb Pro mailing list for discussions on 
lowcarb diets since open discussions on lowcarb dieting are not welcome on
the Training-Nutrition list.

---Lowcarb Pro---
Email: with "subscribe lowcarb" in the body
Host:  Dean Esmay (
Administrator:  Jerry Kindall (
WWW Page:
This is primarily a technical resource for people who are well read
on lowcarb and ketogenic diets.

---Lowcarb Diets and Exercise---
Email: with "subscribe lowcarb-l" in the body
List Owner:  David Skinner (
WWW Page:
The lowcarb-list is a forum for discussion and support of low
carbohydrate diets and/or eating plans that have a goal of hormone
control or modification.

---Lowcarb Support List---
Email: with "subscribe lowcarb-list" in the body
List Owner: (Julia Henry)
This is less technical than the other lowcarb mailing lists and has more of 
a support-group focus.

---The Zone mailing list---
Email: with the command SUBSCRIBE in the body
List Owner:  Asya Kamsky (owner-zone@TGV.COM)
Discussions about moderate fat/moderate carb/moderate protein diets.

---Aerobics & Fitness---
with "subscribe aerobics" in the body
Administrators: John Stevenson (, Steve Wagge
WWW Page:
Exists to join aerobics instructors, personal trainers, physical therapists,
sports trainers, and other fitness professionals in a forum to promote the
free flow of useful information. Topics include current research, help in
becoming a fitness instructor, continuing education, networking/employment

******** [WWW sites] ********

Cyberpump!  Home of the HIT squad.

The Training-Nutrition list Home Page

Griffin's Weightlifting Page

The Weight Training Page

CyberIron Bodybuilding

Training with Fred Hatfield Home Page

National Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine

The High-Fat/Anabolic Diet

The Low Carb Diet Information Center

The Zone page (has many Zone-related links)

Introduction to muscle

The Super Slow Home Page

International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB)

National Physique Committee (NPC)

American Drug Free Powerlifting Association (ADFPA)

International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)

European Powerlifting Federation (EPF)

The Truly Huge Web Page

******** [News and IRC] ********

Newsgroups of interest:	Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Weightlifting and more.	All forms of aerobic activity.	General fitness topics.	Physiological impacts of diet.	( is preferred due to the
	wider distribution)
any of the food newsgroups

IRC channels of interest:
#Bodybuild	General weight-training channel.
	note: use EFnet servers such as and others found
	on the alt.irc newsgroup

#lowcarb	Discussion of the low-carb/high-fat diets.	
	Meetings at 10:00pm EST on Tuesdays for discussion.
	note: use Undernet servers such as or and others found on the alt.irc newsgroup

The most recent HTML version of this document is available at:  
If you would like the plaintext version send email to
with "request pointer.faq" in the body of the letter.



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