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by Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian (, reprinted from

WARNING: Some crude language.

Hello, everyone. As a long time reader of and also (the original newsgroup), I have noticed that topics tend to repeat. I have given a simple 6 day cycle of what went on in mf and now in mfw. The real situation is slightly different, with some intermixing between the various days. But, hey!

A similar post was made a long time back in soc.culture.indian by someone about posts being repeated in sci. I have "borrowed" the idea from that article :-). I have also indicated some typical posts by some long-time, high profile posters. No disrespect is intended. Hope every one will take it in good humor! My apologies to the purists for being off-topic. Flames and comments always welcome.

Editor: Even though this was posted quite some time ago in the days of, a lot of the topics still apply in forums today. Enjoy! Cal.

Day 1

Help!!!! Skinny guy needs help to put muscle
Re: Eat only cookies and gain muscle, for info visit our web-site
Re: Yeah, right
Help!!!! Fat guy needs to lose weight
Re: Eat only cookies and lose weight, for info visit our web-site (same web-site :-))
Re: Yeah, eat only two cookies a day and lose weight
Use our anabolic-proteabolic shampoo and gain muscle by just staring at weights
I need a bicep preak
Re: preak or peak?
Re: You need genetics to get a peak
Re: No, anyone can get a peak
Re: Anyone can get a peek, but not a peak
I need a big neck
Help, I need a big prick !!!! (from AOL)
I need flat abs
Re: Use our superior Yohimbe and get flat abs
Re: Ads not welcome in mfw (Tim Fogarty)
Re: I have a right to free speech
Free speech and censorship
Re: Free speech and censorship
I need a firm butt, help !!

Day 2

Mega mass gazillion or Met-Rx?
Re: Mega mass gazillion or Met-Rx?
Re: Met-Rx rules
Re: Met-Rx sucks, you can get the same from food
Re: Oh yeah, explain my 57 lbs weight gain. 96% of it was muscle
Re: Both suck, use phosphagain instead.
Re: No, all of them suck, drink more milk
Re: Whole, 2%, 1%, 1/2%, 1/8% or skim?
Re: No, eat tuna
Re: Tuna is for faggots, eat beef
Anti-gay sentiments in this newsgroup
Re: Fuck off, you pansy
Re: I happen to be hetero, I bang 3 babes every day
Re: Sexist arsehole
Re: It's asshole, not arsehole
Re: Both are correct
Re: Homosexuality against God's command
Re: Duh !!!
Re: I heard eating live chickens give better muscle gains
Re: Eating live chicks is better :-)
Re: living or dead, what's the difference?
Re: Perverted bastard !!!!
Too many homosexuals in gyms
Re: How do you know?
Re: Bible sucks
Re: No, Bible is the word of God
Re: Eat soy instead and save the planet
Re: Soy isn't as good as beef for building muscle
Re: Oh, yeah! Here are some studies showing soy protein is as good
Re: No, here are some studies which prove beef is better
Re: Studies show that cows farting is causing global warming, stop supporting beef industry, save the world
Re: Liberal vegetarian wussies
Re: Fascist meat eating pigs
Hi, I just started lifting. What do you think about Met-Rx?

Day 3

Joe Wieder sold child porn ( Anyone remember this thread? :-) :-) )
Re: What's the proof?
Re: No he did not, you liar
Re: They don't know anything about what goes on in BBing. Keep posting your articles
Arnold stole cars
Re: Arnold stole cars
Re: Arnold did not steal cars
Re: Arnold rocks
Re: Arnold sucks, Dorian Yates rocks
Re: Arnold had a calf implant (Patrick Arnold)
Re: Oh yeah, were you there?
Re: I have superior powers of deduction
Arnold's back vs Dorian's back
Arnold married Maria Shriver for her money
Re: No, Arnold was richer
Re: Maria Shriver looks ugly, so obviously Arnie married her for her money
Re: No, Maria Shriver rules
Re: Arnold's back vs Dorian's back
Re: Arnold is sexist, he said women shouldn't wear trousers
Could we stop this shit !!???
Re: Could we stop this shit !!???
Re: Stop reading if you don't like shit !!!
Yallo guys!! I am new to this group. Who do you think is better, Arnold or Dorian?!!!

Day 4

Help, No money to eat five times a day. What amino acids costing $200/month can help me?
Re: How good are amino acids without food, eat food first
Does Creatine work?
Re: Creatine does work. I gained 100 lbs and bench 100*pi lbs now
Re: I need 99.250283% pure creatine cheap, some one help !!!!
Re: We have even 101.2300561% pure creatine and it's cheap, visit our web-site
Re: Ads not welcome in mfw, you prick, sob, mf-ker !!! (Robert Schuh)
Who is Rob Schuh?
Re: Who is Rob Schuh?
Re: Rob Schuh is great
Re: He sucks and so do you
Re: Fuck you
Re: I had good results with Creatine
Re: No, Creatine does not work, it was a placebo effect
Re: Creatine makes me fart too much
Re: Creatine retains water
Re: Creatine induces diarrhea
Re: Only guys with small dicks use Creatine, real men use clenbuterol
Re: Creatine + Yohimbe gives the effects of LSD
Re: Build muscle and get hallucinations at the same time, for info visit our web site
Re: No, Creatine + Yohimbe gives the effect of clenbuterol
Can any one post the Hard gainer FAQ?

Day 5

Help, my forearms are too small
Re: Help, my forearms are too small
Amino acids, anyone?
Re: Amino acids don't work, here are some studies
Re: Amino acids do work, here are some studies
Flawed studies
Re: Flawed studies
Hello, What supplements to use?
Re: Hello, What supplements to use?
Re: All supplements useless (repost) (Rob Spector)
Hello, any one here used creatine? Please advise !!!!!
Free weights or machines?
Re: Both are good as long as you are an HITer (Rob Spector, who else? :-))
Re: Free weights with periodization are better (Barry Merriman)
Re: Oh yeah, who says so?
Re: Mike Stone says so, here are some papers by him
Re: Mike stone is an idiot, here are some real studies by Arthur Jones
Re: Arthur Jones is skinny
Re: Mike Stone is obese
Re: No, Mike Stone is now muscular
Re: Mike Stone must have shifted to HIT from periodization
Can anyone post the Ab training FAQ?
My forearms are too big (was Re: Help, my forearms are too small)
Re: My forearms are too big (was Re: Help, my forearms are too small)
Hello, I have just started lifting. Are free weights better than machines?

Day 6

I need to buy steroids
Re: I need to buy steroids
Re: Have you reached your maximum potential without them?
Re: How do you know a policeman won't set you up?
Re: 'roid rage
Re: Steroids cause harm, Lyle Alzado died because of steroids
Re: You don't know squat about steroids (Patrick Arnold)
Re: Steroids are fine
Re: Steroids make the dick smaller
Re: No, steroids only make the balls shrink, your dick must have been small even before
Re: I am taking 1 litre of clenbuterol a day, not seeing any effects, HELP !! (poster from AOL :-))
Re: Are you fucking outa your mind?
Re: He's trolling, ignore him
Re: Clenbuterol or Decabol ?
Trecabol: the real McCoy
Re: Where can I get Trecabol?
Re: Me too !!!!!! (poster from AOL)
Re: Me too !!!!!! (poster from AOL)
Steroids: the real truth
Re: Steroids: the real truth
Steroids, a problem among adolescents (long post)
Re: You dickheads know nothing about steroids !!!!! (Rob Schuh)
Re: Steroids are freely available in Mexico
Help!! My ass looks like a water melon after taking steroid injections !!!!
Re: Rub your ass with lemon after injecting
Re: No, vinegar is better
Re: Inject the steroids up your asshole. It won't happen
Re: Aaaargh, will someone knowledgeable post about steroids?
Help, I am not getting hard-ons after starting steroids !!
We need
Help, I got a permanent hard-on after taking clenbuterol !
Re: We need
What is it with all these $!&!&^%!@& steroid posts?
Re: Stop reading mfw if you don't want steroid stuff
Howdy all, I am 5'7", 110.5 pounds and work out 5 times a day. I am not seeing any results. Will clenbuterol help?


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 I know the side effects and the drcneieffe between hgh steroids and stuff like creatine?I know the side effects and the drcneieffe between hgh steroids and stuff like creatine is but i wanna know what our society has made people think and then i will give you an answer not only as a person but someone that has researched and watch people do them.


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