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Forearm Roller

Want to blast your forearms?

For any of those home trainers out there, here's a little piece of equipment that is easy to make and REALLY burns out your forearms.

Take a 1-1/2 inch solid wooden dowel, and cut it down to about 12 inches in length. Midway along the length of the piece, drill a hole 3/8 inch in diameter through the width. Take a length of about 3 feet of synthetic rope and tie a good bowline knot (remember the rabbit goes up the hole, around the tree, down the hole... :) at one end (around the dowel). Make sure that this knot is really tight -- you should definitely use some form of a bowline, otherwise you run the risk of having the knot slip. Ouch! You need to find some piece of metal, preferably shaped in an S, or find something that has two hooks on it. Close one end of the S around the rope, with another good knot to fix on on there. I used a little brass piece that I bent into an S which I then hammered closed. If you've done this right, you should end up with a little open hook at one end of the rope. Now you should probably sand the wood down so that you won't get any splinters. That's it! Total cost to me -- ten minutes, 0 cents.

Now, take a few 10s or 25 lb plates and thread the rope with the hook through the hole and then hook it back on the rope. This should self-tighten so that you've got a weight firmly attached to the length of rope.

Spread your feet apart a bit (for safety), hold the wooden bar out in front of you. Start to roll the weight up the line slowly until it just reaches the top. Then, slowly unroll the weight back down. Make sure that you are actually unrolling it, and not letting it slip at all. Once you've reached the bottom, you've done one rep and you then continue to roll the weight back up, but in the opposite direction from before. You should begin to feel a burn as soon as you start this second rep (in the opposite direction). If not, then you should up the weight. Try not to cheat it up by rolling your shoulders forward and using your delts. Focus on just using your forearms and wrist if you can.

You are using the correct weight if you find your forearms screaming after six reps. But continue on for 12, or until you dropped the weight in pain, whichever comes first. As soon as you've finished, your arms should feel like lead weights! I'm now doing this instead of wrist curls, and love it!

Watch out for those toes!

The nice thing about having the self-tightening hook on the end is that you can change the weights instantly, without having to retie anything.

Hope that helps add a bit of pain to your workouts!



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 Try keeping your arms straight at eye level in front you its a lot harder!
 I just used rope to tie a stick and a gallon milk jug together, a gallon of water is 8 pounds. Yeah I know, not a lot of weight.
 Does anyone have a picture of this? give a visual

I do supersets with the forearm roller and wrist curls. Do wrist curls first 8-12 reps. Careful with the Form otherwise you risk wrist injury. Drop the bar and pick up ur forearm roller. I put 10 lbs on the thing and it feels like 50 after 3 sets of this. Great pumps I look like popeye leaving the gym on arm day No joke serious $!#@.


Glad it works for you!!


Me again. Get a 2-1/4" pvc pipe instead. Rough it up with course sandpaper, drill the hole in the middle, and thread in the rope. Load up a bar and put that in your power rack (I do this after benching). Slip the pvc pipe over the olympic sized collar. Then go to town.


Good suggestion. Thanks Michael!


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