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Rules of the Hardcore - Ten Commandments

by Calvin Hass


Give your muscles a reason to grow. Don't do endless sets, be intense. Go heavy, but don't remain much longer than an hour. Train 3-4 days a week. Hit failure and make that last set count.


You must eat to grow. For gaining, take 20Cal/lb bodyweight daily. Get 30g protein per meal. Eat 6 meals a day. Don't be scared of fats. Cut junk food. You will crave chicken breasts, tuna shakes, pasta and chocolate milk.


Recovery is key. If you're an meso/endomorph, get 8-9 hours a day, an ectomorph needs at least 6-7. You grow outside the gym, not in.


Carry that gallon jug with you at all times! Drink 4 litres a day. Keeps you well-hydrated so you can train at your best and have your caloric needs in check.


If you're not sick or injured, you must train. You start skipping... you might as well forget those dreams. You must want to become that impressive physique before you can begin building it. Get yourself a reliable training partner.


If you have legs, a desire to grow and your back is OK, you must squat. Without the king of exercises, your growth is going to suffer. Squats develop more than just legs.


Change your routine around frequently. Every 3-6 weeks, vary the order that you do your routine, or change your whole style altogether. Try HIT, super-slow, negative training, high volume, etc.


A good routine is brief, intense, and only has a couple exercises per bodypart. Limit the total number of sets you do. If your progress is slowing, you're getting injuried or sick frequently, then it's time to take a break. Take 4-6 days off, and then go back at it. Don't be surprised if you're stronger after your layoff.

- HEAL -

Once you're injured, take a break. Lose 2 weeks training now, or prepare to keep those injuries forever.

- FORM -

Anyone can throw around the weights. Concentrate on good form, and then let the numbers follow. Get a full range of motion and be proud that you're one of the few who actually trains properly.


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 hmmm... cameron u dont have to inflate your numbers. and your fitness knowledge seems slightly backwards.
e.x. using heavy weight for 4-6 reps will increase hypertrophy(make u bigger) ----

using low weight for 12+ reps will build stamina, tone, and tighten ur muscles, but not necessarily make u bigger.

p.s. cam if u squat 445 and only clean 185, ur either lying or have a strong back and weak arms. thats why i dont inflate my numbers...
 i m 20 and 5,8 and started body building since 5 weeks and have changed a lot
 Thats really good stuff you got there man, i would mention though that this workout is to get strong, not bigger "ripped" muscles, high weight high intensity workouts make you stronger while low weight high rep workouts give u bigger muscles but not as much strength, other than that this is perfect. Im 17, 5'10, 225 and i bench 325, squat 445 but i can only clean about 185, any tips on hang clean form?
 Im a 16 year old. im 6'3' and i only weigh 175 pounds. i seem to have hit a wall in my weight gaining. im pretty strong for my height and weight. i bench and clean 235 and squat 350 but those numbers have all gone up without me gaining any weight, can anyone help?
 we all cant eat big due to our busy lives man
 i im 15 years old is it alright to work out at my age?
is it god to for my creatin ?
is it normal that i do 55 lbs im a curl?
and i do 1 days and the oder day im in a break is it good?
i train 4 days a week
 8 liters of water a day? Man, are you serious? I can't possibly pee that often. And by the way, thanks for the trouble to keep this site.
 :) I no longer recommend 8, but suggest 4 -- I forgot to update it! Have a look at the water page for more on this. Actually, once you increase your water intake (slowly), you'll find that your body grows quite accustomed to it (water retention is regulated by aldosterone) and the bathroom issue isn't much of an issue!
 just a hollar at you guys for being dedicated. i'm 17 years old. i bench 280 and sqaut 270. i only way 175 lbs honestly. i need to gain weight because most guys guess me at about 195 to 200. i dont look what i weigh. can anyone tell me whats up. dont be afraid to try the email and dont worry, i aint no petifile or molester. im the kind of guy who would like to strangle them kind of monsters. see ya

I am 16 years old have have always dreamed of being in a strongman compitition. I am not that strong now I am about 5'11 and weigh 230 pounds. I bench about 215 squat about 245 and clean and jerk about 180. I hope I will achieve my goal of being inducted into the 1000 pound club at my school. I am sophmore right now but it is never too late to train. I take it real serious now, but didn't before. I have been lifting for almost a year now but still have bad form on the clean and jerk. I wrestle and throw shot and discus to sort of get in some kind of shape but if you have any info for me please post it and thanks for a great power site.


i will keep this commandments to the letter and keep fit


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