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Steve Rohn Workout Plan

Submitted by Mr. RippedAbs
For experienced lifters!

Want ripped abs, tight assets, HUUUGE biceps...

Now, appearently, sports people around the world are being brainwashed into thinking that bodybuilding is the same as strength training. But they're not, there are big differences. People slave away with isolation movements with lots of reps and eat tons of protein, and gain mass and not too much strength. This is because the information they are getting is all for bodybuilding and not strength training, it's like bodybuilding has taken over America. Strength training is much easier, you don't need as much rest/protein, and it's less work. A few sets of 1-5 reps of each exercise, 2-3 times a week is all you need. You don't want to get big, you want to get stronger. If you want mass, don't read forward.

First, we start with the best exercises. Body builders tend to do a few isolation exercises that work one muscle group to focus on the growth to look good. Strength Training is all about compound exercises to gain maximal strength. With the Steve Rohn workout plan, you need to choose the best exercises for optimal strength gains. Here are the best exercises.

Upper Body

  • Pull-ups - The best exercise out there. They work the grip, wrist, forearm, biceps, shoulders, chest, back, and even abs, that's everything above the waist except your triceps. That's an amazing exercise!!
  • Power Clean and Press - This works just about every muscle in the body, it would be number one, except it is a combination of two exercises (Power Clean, and Military Press). This also develops explosive power.
  • Bench Press - Works the chest, shoulders, triceps and back. If you're tired of doing bench, then do dips, they work the same muscles.
  • Pushups - The best variations are clapping pushups because they develop explosive power, and the declined triangle pushups because they emphasize the triceps, shoulders, and chest more than regular pushups.
  • Punching Crunches - Work the same muscles as benching, and also the abs including side abs because there's a twist.

    Don't do those tricep extentions or dumbell curls, they won't add strength like the others and they won't pump testosterone like the above exercises will, plus they only work one group, stick with the above exercises.

Lower Body

  • Lunges - Now I know all of you think the squat is the best, but really it isn't, squats aren't as good because lunges also involve movement in the ankle. Although I'll admit squats really strengthen the knees. If you want a full body effect, take two dumbells, maybe 45 pounds, and as you go up with each leg, explode up and do an overhead press and then back to your shoulders, and then the opposite leg.
  • Squats - Great exercise for legs and strengthening knees, and even the core. For a full body effect, do front squats and as you come up do an overhead press.
  • Running - Lots of running.

    Don't do those stupid leg extentions which only work the quads, or heel raises which only work the calfs.

The Routine

Do 2 full body workouts a week, no split routines -- make every muscle cry. Now, I'd say 3-4 sets of whatever of these exercises you want, but don't overtrain!! Each set should be a lot of weight, near your 1 rep max for 1-5 reps. Once you exceed 5 reps, you're into the bodybuilding zone, which we don't want, 1-5 is for high strength grains. For all exercises, you should keep upping the weight or reps each session.

Warming up is definitely important, I'm not sure about the best techniques, but what I do is 5 minutes of cardio, and then swing around my arms some, and some stretching. For benching I do one set of about half of my max, then I get into the good stuff. In between each set, you should move around a bit, to keep your heart rate up, or even do a set of legs between each set of arms. About a 2-3 minute rest in between each set otherwise. In the end, do a cooldown of another 5 minutes of cardio, and stretching. Also, before you begin the exercise, get mentally prepared, tell yourself, "This weight is nothing", or, "4 reps? I could do 6 reps easy." Trust me, confidence is important.

Outside of the gym, drink lots of water, and no junk food, an hour or 2 before your workouts, eat some complex carbs for energy in the gym.

For pull ups, yeah, all you need is a bar, or tree branch. Go all the way up and all the way down, and repeat. Do as many reps as ossible, now if you can't do any, just do negatives, which is where you jump up and lower yourself down slowly, it works the same muscles. If you can do more than the 5 recommended reps, you should do either weighted pullups, or do them last so you're too tired to do more.

Benching requires some good form, get the bar at eye level, grip the bar good to get the blood flowing through your arms, have a spotter give you lift off. The bar should touch your chest a little below the nipple, then use your legs for a little help and just throw that pathetic weight back up, and repeat.

For the two types of pushups, if you can do more than 5, go ahead, I guess that will be your endurance training for the week.

If I've made mistakes or think of other things to put on here, I'll improve it, so tell me what you think of if you have any questions, and hopefully you will stop bodybuilding when you want to get stronger.

Also, for all of you vegans/vegetarians out there. You may think you can't strength train or bodybuild because you can't eat meats which are a perfect protein, well. First off, drink lots of milk and eat lots of egg whites (for vegetarians), they are pefect proteins. And also, potatos, cashews (no other nut), pepitas, angel food cake, amaranth, soy protein isolate and maybe oatmeal are perfect proteins, just like meat.



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 Good reading.I like the advice being on the flexable side.I'm suprised you didn't include deadlifts.The thought of doing a set of squats in between upperbody work is something I've been thinking about.
 I actually think that this routine WOULD be good for bodybuilding (provided you keep to 5-6 reps per set)



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